Terms & Conditions
Our terms & conditions protect ourselves, our infrastructure and our clients. In order to provide you with any of our services (including but not limited to: web hosting, web design, domain registration, software development) you must accept these terms & conditions. By placing your order and/or clicking the “I Accept” button, you acknowledge and fully accept these terms & conditions.

General Terms & Conditions
We provide server resources (including but not limited to: Disk space, cpu usage, memory, bandwidth) for our clients to create web sites, databases and e-mail accounts. Clients must always use our services and the resources we provide, for lawful purpose. If a client at any time violates in any way our terms & conditions, we will immediately terminate his/her account and/or any other services associated with the client without providing any kind of refund.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Clients must always use our services for lawful purposes.

General Use
Our services (including but not limited to: web hosting, web design, domain registration, software development) are to be used only by the purchaser / purchasing company. Clients must not resell or give any of our services to third parties. Clients must always have total control of the purchased services.

Prohibited Use
We expressively forbid any of the following material/content on our servers, this list is not exhaustive, but it will indicate the sort of material we do not permit:
  • Illegal material, such as copyrighted image, audio, video and any kind of copyrighted file and/or copyrighted material for which the client does not have the permission of the copyright holder.
  • Any kind of pornography or nudity or obscene or lewd content/material.
  • Warez content, such as pirated software, cracks, keygens, hacks, emulators, roms, anything related to hacking, cracking and/or any other hacking activities.
  • Threatening, defamatory, fraudulent, obscene, harassing, racist, indecent, unlawful or any kind of material/content that promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Any kind of material/content that promotes or is related to illegal activities.
  • Any kind of site that is engaging in, promoting, or are related to pyramid sales, money making sites, scam sites, ponzi sites, forex or any kind of money trading sites, "work from home" sites, multi level marketing sites or similar activities.
  • IRC or IRC bots.

Clients will not post, upload or link, nor allow to be posted, uploaded, or linked any kind of such content/material, nor shall they transmit such material/content by email or any other means.
We reserve the right to determine whether any material/content or use is prohibited, and remove any such material/content, delete files, suspend or terminate an account or service without warning and without refund or notice.

Spam (unsolicited email)
We have zero tolerance for spam (the sending of unsolicited bulk email). We will immediately suspend or terminate any account, or any other service, at any time, without warning and without refund, if a client has sent unsolicited bulk emails.

Client is solely responsible for maintaining adequate backups of his/her files. We take whole server backups on daily basis, however these backups will be used by our server administration department in case of a whole server failure. We do not accept responsibility for any failure of our backup mechanism.

All web hosting accounts are set up and/or renewed after the payment is received.
All domain registrations and renewals will be processed after the registration/renewal payment is received.
We accept payments in Euro (EUR) currency. If a payment is delayed for more than 15 days, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate any account and/or service associated with that payment.
In case of a domain that is going to expire, we will renew it after the payment is received. If the payment is not received, we’ll just let it to expire.
Clients with European Union billing addresses are subject to VAT charges. Prices subject to VAT at 16%.

Server Resources:
All web hosting accounts must remain within the agreed server resource limits, including but not limited to: (disk space, bandwidth, databases, e-mail accounts, domain aliases, web users) for the account. No single account nor site, should ever use excessive amounts of server resources, because this may jeopardize server performance for the other web sites and clients.

Hosting Plans Cancellations, Terminations & Refunds
We reserve the right to cancel, suspend or terminate any service at any time. All the hosting plans we provide have a 30-day money back warranty. If you are not satisfied with our hosting plans , you can ask for a refund, within the first 30 days (including non-business days) of your contract. We will give you a full refund of the contract amount.
Refunds may occasionally be offered at the discretion of the management.

Domain Registrations, Renewals, Transfers & Refunds
Clients are not entitled to a refund once they are using the service, but there may be circumstances where a refund is deemed necessary - e.g. technical problems where the client is not getting the service he/she believed  he/she signed up for.
Refunds may occasionally be offered at the discretion of the management.

Client agrees to use our services at his/her own risk. We shall not be liable to you for any loss, damages, or expenses resulting from our services under this agreement. Client will indemnify, defend, and hold us harmless, against all liabilities, damages, and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, resulting from any third-party claim or lawsuit arising from our performance under this agreement.

We cannot be held liable for system downtime, crashes, or data loss. We cannot be held liable for any predicted estimate of profits in which a client would have gained if their site was functioning. Thus, certain equipment, routing, software, and programming used by us are not directly owned and written by us. We hold no responsibility for the use of our clients' accounts. If any terms or conditions are failed to be followed, we will suspend and/or terminate the account in question. We reserve the right to remove any account without notice for any reason without restitution as we see fit.

We reserve the right to change our terms & conditions at any time, without notice.
We reserve the right to change the price of any or all of our services at any time, without notice.