About Petrou Net
Petrou Net is a web hosting business founded in December 27th 2007, specializing in web hosting and web design services.

Our vision is to provide our clients with the best web hosting experience they will ever have, we are always happy to help and support our clients to reach their web goal and we make sure our infrastructure always runs as fast, efficient & secured as possible.

We are proud of our infrastructure!  We have super fast Xeon Quad Core servers, installed with 4 - 8 GB of RAM (depending on the server model), and equipped with multiple RAID disk arrays on every server, for increased performance & security. Each of our servers is monitored individually every minute, 24/7 by eight automatic monitoring systems, capable of protecting, diagnosing and repairing the servers automatically. When an intervention of our server techs is required, they will do everything humanly possible to resolve every issue asap. However with such advanced infrastructure, they rarely need to do anything more than just supervise our infrastructure that always runs like a clock.

Server Location
Our server are located in Softlayer Datacenter in Seattle, Washington. One of the most advanced, secured, fastest and biggest datacenters in the world.